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Routes & Riches Wayfinding

Idea: Distinctive wayfinding highlighting local attractions & healthy walking routes

Part of the town centre’s appeal is its close connection with green spaces and places of historical and architectural interest. Bespoke wayfinding/mapping commission that could:

  • Marking gateways and focal points with signage/interventions, and improving their connection to the town centre through wayfinding, including High Barnet station and its planned development, and the Hadley Green entrance into the town centre. Other key locations include the High Street and Wood Street junction as an iconic focal point, and marking the park entrance to be both visible and celebrated.
  • Highlight routes to make the Town Centre more accessible to local residents and a destination for ramblers and cyclists, such as the Healthy Heritage Walks, routes through Barnet Park, St George’ Field, Hadley Common and Monken Hadley Common, Dollis Valley Greenwalk and the London Loop. Also, support other pedestrian routes permeating the high street, such as Nursery Way, Gordan Way, Fire Station Alley, Christ Church Passage / Lane and the footpath past Barnet and Southgate College to the Old Courthouse Gardens. Promoting their use through journey times and even indicating the calories burnt!
  • Celebrates Chipping Barnet’s local riches from its civic and cultural attractions, shopping clusters, park and green spaces, as well as creatively uncovering local heritage from the Battle of Barnet, Physic Well, 800-year history of the market, to Barnet’s many ‘firsts’.
  • Signage to indicate the location of car parks with capacity numbers.
  • Coordinated wayfinding to make wider area attractions easily accessible, e.g. Whitings Hill, Highlands Gardens, Greenhill Gardens, Tudor Park, and Victoria Recreation Ground & Leisure Centre, etc.
  • Could be coordinated with other ideas, such as celebrating heritage assets with external lighting.

Why it is useful:

  • Increase town centre legibility, encouraging people to walk/cycle and visit local attractions
  • Make visual Chipping Barnet’s local identity – both unique and creative

Who needs to be involved:

  • Council: Lead / Funder
  • Champions: Local Ramblers Assoc, Barnet Society, Barnet Residents Assoc, SPACES, Barnet Museum, etc.
  • Town Team: Consultee
  • Partners / other site owners: TfL (High Barnet Station), The Spires, St John the Baptist, Barnet & Southgate College

How to get started:

  • Develop brief and procure designers
  • Engage with local businesses, cultural institutions, local groups and test ideas
  • Engage with relevant council departments
  • Secure permissions as required (e.g. planning, listed building consent)
  • Procure contractor / maker
  • Test/prototype, and iterate design, if required
  • Install

Viability considerations:

  • Funding opportunities: TfL LIP allocation & council, S106, Liveable Neighbourhoods (as identified within the Draft Barnet Long Term Transport Strategy)
  • Land ownership: Utilising council-owned sites with potential of privately owned land, such as the College and St John the Baptist Church, with owner’s consent
  • Resource: Provided within council commission


Below precedents of wayfinding, including examples that combine graphic identity, maps, sign-posting, route distances, and visitor information. Designs that could be adapted for both street and open space installations.

Examples include Parc Riu Llobregat, Barcelona by Clase bcn; Barcelona Points of Historic Interest by pfp, disseny & Jordi Faulî; Walthamstow Wetlands / Better Bankside Low Line by Polimekanos, Fair Green Parade, Mitcham by Studio Weave.