Character Area

Hadley Green Gateway

The Hadley Green character area is at Chipping Barnet’s most northerly point. This end is characterised by its distinctive green space and Monken Hadley Conservation Area. It is the last stop before leaving Chipping Barnet and entering Monken Hadley, then leaving Barnet into the Greenbelt. The scale of the town centre is smaller here, giving it a village character. At present, there is a diverse mix of offers with clusters of restaurants, a café, a public house, hotel, interspersed amongst some specialist retail, and a variety of other businesses offering various professional services. Despite this mix, the understated nature of this gateway makes this entrance feel quite unassuming, missing a vital opportunity to do more to integrate the town centre with its green asset, Hadley Green.

Key to this is improved signage and wayfinding to communicate walks to and from the town centre out across the green, and to enable the community to utilise this green asset to host local activities and events to help drive footfall to the town centre. Consideration should also be given to its proximity to the Battle of Barnet location, and its historic interest. A significant opportunity to strengthen the gateway is the corner building to Hadley Green Road currently occupied by a CMYA car wash business. The location, distinctive character of the building and expansive forecourt all lend itself to becoming a community-destination; with great potential through improved signage to directly engage with those entering the town centre at the Hadley end, whilst also increasing the leisure activity to the green.

The pavements around the Hadley green area of the town centre are narrow – except for the Hadley Parade area – and do little to encourage visitors to dwell. However, recently completed developments have demonstrated the potential of widening the pavement, with Huddle Café activating the public realm and bringing new energy to the area. There is a need to consider the widening and greening of the public realm more comprehensively to support the prevailing leisure economy to grow here.

Further down the high street, the Bentley garage and Statons estate agents, which are currently vacant, are a unique size for the high street and back onto Nesbitts Alley. The larger scale of these units presents an opportunity to attract new uses to develop the offer and build on the current restaurant and hotel that fronts onto this space.

This area also features a key site for potential future development – the army reserve depot on St Albans Road – identified in the Draft Local Plan for mixed-use development. Development proposals should carefully consider the relationship between this large scale site and the existing adjacent commercial courtyards. Activating them with complementary light-industrial and artist/creative workspaces, whilst ensuring pedestrian routes through onto the high street to help increase day time footfall at this end of the town centre.

Potential Opportunities