Emerging Project

Celebratory Lampposts

Idea: Incorporate locally distinctive artwork/branding to lamppost banners to celebrate Chipping Barnet’s unique character and identity, such as medieval flags as part of any future advertising banners

People are proud of Chipping Barnet’s heritage and the flags that are erected annually as part of the remembrance of the significant role the Battle of Barnet played in the War of the Roses. Organised, designed and created locally by the Barnet Museum, they are erected to coincide the Medieval Festival. This project idea would build on the success of these historic flags in more permanent lamppost banners.

To make these viable, there is an opportunity to explore offering local businesses the opportunity to advertise and communicate the diverse offer on the high street. The Celebratory Lampposts idea proposes the incorporation of locally distinctive artwork/branding into these banners, for example, the top third featuring the Chipping Barnet medieval flag design, framing the business adverts below. The banners should be developed as a part of the collective branding and identity project.

Why it is useful:

  • Make visual Chipping Barnet’s local identity
  • Unique and creative
  • Support SME businesses and organisations located in the town centre

Who needs to be involved:

  • Council: Lead as part of their lamppost banners strategy
  • Town Team: Lead and fund-raise for the Town Centre portion of the advertisement
  • Designer / Artist: Design and project manage
  • Barnet Museum: Co-design medieval flag designs
  • Advertising Company: Will hold the contract for lamppost advertising banners
  • Local businesses / Organisations: Pay to advertise

How to get started:

  • Collect a group of interested individuals/groups
  • Engage with relevant council department
  • Fund-raise to cover costs associated for the Town Centre portion of the advertisement
  • Installation could be launched with a local event/festival

Viability considerations:

  • Funding opportunities: Crowdfund for town centre element e.g. use Together Barnet Fund. Advertisements pay for the rest of the banners, managed by the company who secure the lamppost advertising contract
  • Site ownership: Council owned lampposts, leased to an advertising company. The Town Centre portion of the advertisement would need to be written into their contract.
  • Resource: Requires volunteer time and skills to lead, and organise

Example: Herne Hill – celebrating local businesses and landmarks

Herne Hill Forum and local traders installed 68 banners, featuring 18 designs to promote local traders. The images represent the various landmarks and businesses that can be found in and around the town. The idea was for the banners to give the local businesses a much needed boost in fortune following the devastating flood of 2013 which saw many forced to shut for months. The designs went on to be produced as print available for sale.