There is a need to build community participation and develop a shared vision for Chipping Barnet town centre. The Community Plan aims to establish a long-term plan for residents, businesses, community groups, and Barnet Council to work together to improve the town centre to meet the needs of the community, both today and tomorrow.

This website was open for comments for 6 weeks from 8th January – 19th February 2021. Consultation is now closed.

In the coming weeks, we will be reviewing and compiling your comments. Once the evaluation of all consultation responses is completed, we will publish the summary of the consultation feedback on this website.

Your feedback over this period will also inform the next stage of this commission, creating a shortlist of initial ideas that the council will prioritise and work with the community to develop and deliver.

Engagement Undertaken

The Council is committed to engaging with local communities to introduce community-led solutions and has consulted with local stakeholders to produce this draft version of the Community Plan. Engagement was undertaken with local residents, businesses, and community groups to uncover Chipping Barnet’s riches and challenges, and to identify opportunities. So far, engagement interactions have included:

  • 700+ comments to the Draft Community Plan consultation;
  • 270+ residents engaging with us through the mailing list;
  • 160+ conversations at local events;
  • 145 responses to an online survey;
  • 35+ one-to-one conversations with local businesses & key local groups;
  • 5 focus group workshops

This website is part of the project’s ongoing engagement with the local community. It will allow the public to review the draft Community Plan.

Use the website to investigate the proposals for Chipping Barnet. The Community Plan consists of the following three sections, Key Principles, Character Areas, and Emerging Project Ideas.

If you wish to email the team about the Chipping Barnet Community Plan then please send an email to

Thank you for taking the time to look through the draft Chipping Barnet Community Plan.

Key Principles

Through engagement with the community, a series of seven shared principles have been established for Chipping Barnet Town Centre. These lay out a vision for what the Community Plan aims to achieve and act as principles to inform any future development within the town centre.

Please click on the key principles below, read and leave any comments/feedback by clicking on the black box at the top right hand corner of each priority.

Character Areas

This section identifies four different character areas across the town centre and sets out the existing strengths and key opportunities available to enhance these areas.

Please click on the character areas below, read and leave any comments/feedback by clicking on the black box at the top right hand corner of each Character Area page.

Emerging Project Ideas

This section contains a portfolio of emerging town centre project ideas identified through engaging with the community about this plan. These projects act as opportunities for the community and the council to work together to deliver the principles.

Please go to emerging project ideas page (click on the image below), read the projects you are interested in and leave any comments/feedback by clicking on the black box at the top right hand corner of each project page.